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Born and raised in Florida, a St. Augustine native, Aimee is the Founder of Unqualified & Called. Aimee attended nursing school in St. Augustine and has been a nurse for over nine years, working in hospitals and serving patients and families in there most delicate times. Aimee later went on to gain experience in marketing & business development and founded Miller Legal Nurse Consulting group, LLC. She serves and attends at her local church. She began her bible studies at home ministering to her friends and family. She hopes to inspire people from her blogs, website, social media and friendships to spread the love of Jesus one women at a time. Aimee’s vision for Unqualified & Called is to inspire women to live with passion, purpose and to walk in boldness. “I’m passionate about seeing women encounter God in such a personal & vulnerable way. Exposing familiar misconceptions, barriers, and a dull life without God. My heart and passion is to inspire and challenge Women to become all God called them to be.... Qualified & Called.” When Aimee is not ministering her greatest joy is spending quality family time with her husband Morgan and four children: Alex, Brian, Brady and Charlotte.


The Journey to gather began as an idea God planted in my vision. Walking in unity and obedience to the call of God for women right here in St. Augustine. A movement that God has been speaking to me….Gather.

When I began planning and telling people about the gather conference, I was told it would never happen. This year has definitely been a year of preparation and a journey of faith. So will you stand in prayer with me as we sought the Lords will in the next year for gather a women’s conference.

a women’s conference

for women, led by women.

A place to encourage, equip and cultivate a spirt of unity. Unqualified & Called is setting out to activate women to walk in freedom, spiritually, emotionally, physically and see others set free in their society of influence.

A community of women, gathered….

A community of women connected…..

A community of women, celebrated…..

A community of women, regardless of background gathered.……

A community of women, regardless of church affiliation gathered……………

A community of women, regardless of political affiliation, a pivotal time for women of this nation gathered…..

A community of women, who are searching for God, restoring, building and preparing……….gathered…….

Come worship, shop, and educated on what is going on locally for women here in St. Augustine.

Gather conference coming soon. Local vendors, local boutiques, local pastors, local worship. We are St. Augustine women gathered…..

A place to connect with those who want to inspire and equip women to impact their world for the Kingdom of God. It is a safe place to share our lives, our faith, our hopes and dreams, our struggles, and our failures. It is a place to inhale the love of God and exhale the burdens of life. Whether from the mountaintop or from the valley, we encounter God while we encounter one another. Our heartbeat is for women scattered across the globe to have a place to gather. This is the heart and soul of the Gather Conference- to bring together women from every corner of the world, from every position in life, from every background and past to experience together that beautiful phenomenon of worshiping our Father God in unity.



Sassy & Saved

One woman's journey to finding purpose beyond the pain.

'Sassy & Saved' is one woman's journey to finding purpose beyond the pain. Aimee P. Miller inspires women and encourages them to forgive and transform into the women god called them to be. To accomplish this, the reader must learn that the past doesn't define who you are. A woman who lives with passion and purpose is free and no longer bound by shame and doubt.

Aimee P. Miller bares liberating insight through biblical stories, and fearless, sassy honesty that will have you laughing and crying. She marries experiential wisdom with the Word of God to encourage others to remain immovably rooted in the unfailing love of God.


The Modern Metanoia

"A millennials compelling perspective on encountering the Good news. You’re a renewed mind away from the adventure of your life.”

- 2020 by Aimee P. Miller All rights reserved. ©

Coming soon……Here’s what people are saying about Modern Metanoia

"The Modern Metanoia is a beautiful, vulnerable guide that highlights the importance of a transformed and renewed mind. Our friend Aimee marries her wisdom with the Word of God to let the light & hope of Christ shine through you. The truths on these pages have the power to give you a renewed mind and a new perspective on the word of God."

“This compelling second book by Aimee P. Miller offers life-transforming insights about how to overcome the challenges and often painful circumstances we all experience, and to use those experiences to be a catalyst for change. Through Love, hope and change the world needs.”

“You’ll find transforming truths and tactics to repurpose life’s painful experiences into catalysts for change—in yourself and in those around you.”

“The Modern Metanoia will stir you, challenge you, and dare you to take a giant leap into a renewed adventure of a sold-out life for Christ.”


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